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Mr Tumnus from 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'

After an emotional week, I’ve left behind my blankets, my hot water bottle and the power bill from hell at my frosty cold flat, and am now cozily settled in my pjs by the fire at dad’s pleasantly warm house, where I’m looking forward to a lazy, quiet Christmas celebration with my cat, my sister, dad, his wife and my remaining grandparents, enjoying Christmas movies and dangerous amounts of food in pleasant company.

Yesterday was a good first attempt at just that, with a nice, long breakfast, decorating gingerbread and watching ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ (2008; we watched ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ (2005) last night), before the arrival of my grandparents and a lengthy rakfisk dinner, while outside it was snowing lightly, providing a proper, white Christmas and the final seal on the Christmas spirit.

Today is the big day, which should consist largely of the same, as per long and strong tradition: lenghty breakfast with pickled herring; watching Three Wishes for Cinderella (‘Tri Iskory Pro Popelku’, Cze 1973) and ‘Journey to the Christmas Star‘ (‘Reisen til Julestjernen’, Nor 1976) in our pjs; rice porridge for lunch; Disney’s Christmas special; Sølvguttene’s (boy’s choir) Christmas concert, Christmas dinner consisting of pork ribs, meat patties, lefse, brussel sprouts, sauerkraut; then presents.

Traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner - photo by ANSA

I wish you all a pleasant, peaceful Christmas celebration. God jul! <3

This week has been a very emotional one, too busy or distracting for much movie watching (though that’s hopefully about to change).

On Friday, my dear, dear grandmother (bestemor) passed away. She had been in pain for quite some time, so I was relieved for her to finally have peace. As with grandpa three years ago, we all saw it coming and got to say our goodbyes and keep her company to the end, surrounded by the most idyllic wintery snow landscape imaginable, so I suppose it can be considered a quiet, relatively peaceful affair. Still, it is strange to come to terms with both of my maternal grandparents being gone, and with them the source of most of my best and strongest childhood memories. In the spirit of this, I made this childlike exhibit in her memory today:

Bestemor - 1928-2012

On Thursday I honored my longest-standing and strongest Christmas tradition. Every year Oslo Philarmonic Choir, of which my dad is a member, holds a Christmas concert with Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra at Oslo Concert Hall. Of my 25 years, I believe I have attended the last 22 (with the exception of the Christmas I spent living in Australia). Without it, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same. It’s always a very gripping experience, but perhaps moreso this Thursday because of my grandma being on her deathbed at the time. Also because after 35 odd years in the choir, this looks to be dad’s last Christmas concert as a Philarmonic choir member. He can definitely retire with his head held high: the concert was magnificent as always, in fact, it was one of the very best in many years <3

Foto:Tore Berntsen, Fotoreporter.noOslo Filharmonien Julekonsert 2009.

(On their website, you can hear a recording from the concert of my favourite Christmas song in my favourite arrangement: ‘Deilig er jorden‘.)