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BAFTA 2013 results

11/02/2013 — 4 Comments

Bafta award

I’m quite satisfied with tonight’s BAFTA ceremony. The lovely and always charming Stephen Fry hosted the show with bravada, leaving me with a couple of quotes and some mental images I won’t soon forget.

There were no great surprises among the award winners. As I said earlier today, I didn’t have many favourites among the nominees, but the few I had all won, and the rest were more or less all of them well-deserved.

The adorable Anne Hathaway gave a charming acceptance speech upon winning the award I was most anxious to see handed out, for her performance in Les Misérables’. The movie also won awards for music and production design. Hugh Jackman didn’t get his, though; the best actor – and coolest speech – award went instead to method actor Daniel Day-Lewis for the title role in ‘Lincoln’. Emmanuelle Riva won the best actress award for ‘Amour’, which was awarded best foreign film. Best supporting actor to Christoph Waltz (what an adorable man!) for ‘Django Unchained’, the same movie which also won Quentin Tarantino the award for best original screenplay. Best adapted screenplay award went to ‘Silver Linings Playbook’.

‘Argo’ and Ben Affleck triumphed with the awards for best film, best director and best editing. ‘Life of Pi’ won the well-deserved prizes for cinematography and special effects. Best British film and best music score went to ‘Skyfall’.

Other awards went to ‘The Imposter’, ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ and, as the only real surprise, ‘Brave’.

So that’s BAFTA and Golden Globes over and done with. Now there’s just Oscars to go before the movie year 2012 is properly dealt with, and it will be held on 24th February. Personally I set more store by BAFTA – and even Golden Globes – than the Oscars, but it’s nonetheless the biggest award in the business, so it can’t be outright ignored.

BAFTA awards tonight. I haven’t watched nearly enough of the nominated films to justify making a full list of who I believe deserve to win in each category, but I would love to see the supporting actress award go to Anne Hathaway (‘Les Misérables’). If not her, then Bond lady #1, dame Judi Dench (‘Skyfall’).

‘Life of Pi’ deserves an award or two for its stunning visual accomplishments, and I wouldn’t cry if ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ got some creds for that either. It would be fun to see ‘Beast of the Southern Wild’ win for best adapted screenplay. And I will of course keep my fingers crossed for ‘Headhunters’, even though its chances of winning in the foreign movie cateogry against ‘Amour’, ‘Untouchables’, ‘Rust and Bone’ and ‘The Hunt’ are marginal.

The award show begins at 9 PM UTC. Best of luck!