I just stumbled upon this teaser trailer on YouTube. The film is called ‘The Prototype‘ and is due for release next year. I’m completely unfamiliar with this project, and there doesn’t seem to be much information available yet, on IMDb or anywhere else. The names of the writer/director and cast are more or less new to me as well. The concept seems intriguing, but from what little impression one can get from a teaser, neither the story or the main actor seem like anything to be too excited about.

What do you think?

If anyone’s got any more information about it, I’d love to hear about it.


4 responses to ‘The Prototype’ Teaser


    Niiice! I am exitied! :) I am always up for indie-scifi.


      I’m a big sci-fi fan myself, though generally terrified about film productions, especially if they’re adapted from books. Speaking of, are you aware that ‘Ender’s Game’ is currently in production? After decades of failed negotiations and poor adaptation suggestions, something has finally made it through. My level of ambivalence toward it is record high :P


        My scifi addiction is strange. I get disappointing at least 9 out of 10 times.. but still I stick to it.. I see most of it.. Except for the horror-based ones.. Not strong on those.. But Ender’s Game is not a known project or book to me, no.. A quick search revealed that the South African director behind Tsotsi, which is an alright movie, but miles away from scifi, is to direct. I get easily confused sometimes ;)


          Indeed, most of them are disappointing. Then again, I kind of expect them to be. They usually either lack ambition or are unsuccessfully adapted from source material with too much of it.

          ‘Ender’s Game’ is one of my favourite books, and one of the pretty big classic sci-fi novels. Warmly recommended if you’re into reading sci-fi as well as watching it.

          The major challenge is that the story is about children (the main character is 5 at the beginning of the story), and that there is no love interest, both which are difficult to get around in a film adaptation, especially a Hollywood production. There have inevitably been some major story adjustments, though only time will tell how big they are. Asa Butterfield has been casted as Ender; I wasn’t thrilled with his performance in ‘Hugo’, but he’s got some acting experience. Also, Ben Kingsley will have a role, which I think will suit him. All in all I’m excited to see what they’ll come up with, but I’ll work my hardest before I see it to detach the film from the book.

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